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Virtually every airline, bus company, commercial trucking company, fleet operators like governments and delivery services, wholesale distribution companies and even individual automobile owners have discovered the many benefits of using Nitrogen in their tires rather than Compressed Air.




FACT! NITRO-TIRE saves you money.  Simply stated, nitrogen molecules are much, much larger than oxygen molecules and that means there is far less “permeation” (or leakage) of nitrogen through the sidewalls of your tires than compressed air.  Less permeation means that your tires retain the ideal pressure for far, far longer than with compressed air and that means there is less wear on your tires.  In fact, studies say that a vehicle driven for 15,000 miles a year and fuel prices at $10 per gallon will save over $375 per year in fuel and wear and tear on the tires.  Imagine if you have multiple vehicles.




FACT!  NITRO-TIRE saves lives.  As you probably know, in an accident or blowout of a tire there can be tremendous heat generated and the oxygen in compressed air will cause a fire that can be deadly.  Nitrogen does not burn nor does it support fire like oxygen.  With Nitro-Tire there are no blowouts caused by overheating in the tires.


Save money and save lives by using Nitro-Tire.  Most new automobiles sold in the U.S., as an example, now are delivered with nitrogen in the tires as a safety and savings advantage.


FABRIGAS is able to help you determine your potential Nitro-Tire Savings for one vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles.  Begin saving money and lives today!



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