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Medical Gases



The FABRIGAS Medical Division is a critical supplier to the Belizean healthcare community.  The nation’s largest hospital, KHMH (Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital) has  a FABRIGAS specially designed and installed liquid oxygen, gas and vacuum supply network that has saved the hospital substantial sums of money every single day.


FABRIGAS supplies KHMH liquid oxygen (which is less costly than cylinders) plus nitrogen, CO2, mixed gases and compressed air.  Other hospitals throughout the country are serviced with high pressure cylinders of oxygen along with a system of manifolds and an oxygen supply network or simply with stand-alone cylinders plus their required supplies of nitrogen, CO2, mixed gases and compressed air, as well.


The Medical Division is a preferred provider of portable cylinders, regulators and nebulizers for customers with respiratory ailments.


Gas Distribution Systems

In addition to supplying  gases to hospitals and  medical providers, FABRIGAS also designs and installs critical distribution systems of those gases.


For information on our Gas Refilling Services download our "Gas Refilling and Fire Extinguisher Recharging Brochure":




Types of  Medical Gases



medical oxygen

Medical Grade Oxygen


Used in Respiratory Therapy




nitrous oxide

Nitrous Oxide


APW stands for "air-pressurized water." APWs are large, silver extinguishers that are filled about two-thirds of the way with ordinary tap water, then pressurized with normal air. In essence, an APW is just a giant squirt gun.


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