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Industrial Gases



Wherever gases are needed to manufacture, repair or make something operate correctly, you’ll find a FABRIGAS cylinder.  As the unquestioned leader in the supply of gases that are needed by a host of industries to operate their business, FABRIGAS is one of the most important “cogs” in the continued growth of Belizean Industry.


(As the leading supplier of oxygen and other gases needed by hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers, FABRIGAS has been a “pioneer” in responding to the medical needs of a growing nation.)



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Fabrigas Delivers:



industrial oxygen

Industrial Oxygen


is used primarily in the brazing, soldering and gas welding processes with acetylene. It is also used in cutting and heating processes.






Used in Welding, Cutting of metals and in heating processes.stands for "air-pressurized water."



carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


is used as a “shielding agent” in the MIG welding process, the production of Dry Ice and in Carbonated Drinks.



nitrous oxide

Nitrous Oxide


Used primarily in the medical field as an anesthetic during surgical procedures.  Many call this the “Laughing Gas” because of its effect on people.*






This is a very versatile, inert gas that is used for everything from being a “flushing” agent.  It is used in combination with other gases in the medical field and it is used in the Tires of Most Airlines, Trucking Companies, Buses and a growing number of private vehicles because of its safety features and savings in tire wear and fuel consumption.






The popular choice for inflating balloons for parties, for business and for decorative purposes.  Under Ultra High Pressure this inert gas is also used for many analytical purposes in various industries.






Another in the family of inert gases, Argon is used extensively in the TIG welding process.



compressed air

Compressed Air


is primarily used in scuba tanks to provide breathing air to divers.






is used as a fuel gas.



mixed gases

Mixed Gases


(Argon 25%/CO2 75%) is used in the welding of mild steel and is also used in MIG welding process.




Ammonia (NH 3)


Chemical/Physical Properties

  • At room temperature, ammonicia is a colorless, highly irritating gas with a pungent, suffocating odor.
  • In pure form it is known as Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Ammonia has alkaline properties and is corrosive.
  • Ammonia gas is easily compressed and forms a clear liquid under pressure.
  • Ammonia is not flammable, but the containers of ammonia are pressurized vessels and may explode when exposed to high heat.
  • Ammonia is lighter than air and will rise. 


  •  Used to  produc e Agricultural  Fertilizers.
  • Principally used in Belize  as a refrigerant gas instead of Chlorofluoracarbons { Freon Gases}  in Industrial Refrigeration Systems






Other Gases


Fabrigas also sells ultra high purity gases for use with gas chromatograph machines and other analytical equipment.

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