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As Belize has grown over the past thirty years, we’ve seen construction projects that have challenged the way we have always thought, planned and built homes and buildings.  Today, we’re witnessing larger and larger buildings rising throughout the country.  We’re seeing office buildings, hotels and resorts, large multi-use buildings that may have a couple hundred employees and a large number of visitors and/or customers at any given time.  We see processing plants with expensive machinery and equipment.  And, we see precious little consideration or anticipation of what might happen if that “dreaded” fire occurs.  In fact, a structure was recently completed that will be the “daytime” home to some 400 employees and there is not one fire extinguisher or life-saving fire suppression system incorporated in this building…a potential recipe for tragic loss of life and property.

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FABRIGAS has been the leading provider of fire extinguishers of every size and other protective gear, for many years.  NOW, FABRIGAS is the country’s preeminent Fire Suppression Plan, System and Equipment provider.  FABRIGAS has trained professionals who can sit with you, your architect and your builder and design a Fire Suppression Plan for your new project/building or a retrofit to your existing building…residential or commercial.  FABRIGAS will provide the right plan for your project, the right equipment and the right training for your key people.  And, they are available to check and approve every step in the installation to assure that you enjoy maximum protection for your people and your property.


FABRIGAS experts are also available to address and educate professional associations of architects, builders and large corporate entities on the many facets of the correct fire suppression plan.

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