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Fire Extinguishers



For many years FABRIGAS has been the supplier of first choice for high quality Fire Extinguishers of every size as well as a great selection of specialty protective gear.  At FABRIGAS you’ll discover a huge selection of extinguishers and accessories that are specially selected to provide maximum effectiveness for every type of need...from homes to businesses and vehicles.


You’ll discover fire extinguishers for homes, restaurants, offices, buses, boats, water taxis, cars, retail stores of every description, small welding shops, small factories with special needs, schools, hotels and more. 


Amazingly, it costs so little to get smart protection against the unexpected fire that can destroy your property and even lives. 


FABRIGAS is dedicated to your safety.  Call or visit us today. 


Types of Fire Extinquishers




Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are filled with non-flammable carbon dioxide gas which is considered a clean agent because it leaves no residue after use. This makes it suitable for use in areas where there is electronic equipment like computers in offices.



Dry Chemical


Dry chemical extinguishers put the fire out by coating the ignited material with a thin layer of dust, separating the ignited material from oxygen in the air. The powder also works to interrupt the chemical reaction of the fire, so these extinguishers are extremely effective at putting out fires.


Dry chemical extinguishers are found in a variety of locations. Buildings have them located in public hallways. They may also be found in laboratories, mechanic workshops, fuel storage areas, and anywhere where a general risk of fire is present.




amerex class k

Class K


Class K fire extinguishers are for use on cooking oil fires. They are charged with a potassium based liquid which reacts with the burning oils to form a foam like substance. Sometimes these fire extinguihsers are referred to as "Wet Chemical" fire extingiushers.





ABC Dry Chemical (Wheeled)


ABC or Multi-Purpose extinguishers utilize a specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical. It chemically insulates Class A fires by melting at approximately 350°F and coats surface to which it is applied. It smothers and breaks the chain reaction of Class B fires and will not conduct electricity back to the operator.






Apply to Class B liquid spills to prevent ignition. Ideal for emergency first response vehicles.







WATER extinguishers utilize the cooling, soaking and penetrating effect of a 45-55 ft. stream of WATER. The 55 sec. discharge time makes it very effective for inexperienced operators for use on Class A fires.




water mist

Water Mist this website


WATER MIST is the ultimate extinguisher for Class A fires and where a potential Class C (electrical) hazard exists. The fine spray from the unique misting nozzle provides safety from electrical shock, greatly enhances the cooling and soaking characteristics of the agent and reduces scattering of burning materials.


The Amerex Water Mist extinguishers contain de-ionized water (sold separately) making them the best extinguishers for protection of hospital environments, valuable books and documents, telecommunication facilities and “clean room” manufacturing facilities. The Amerex Water Mist extinguishers are easy to use, maintain, and service.


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