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FABRIGAS is a multi-faceted company offering a diverse range of products and services to business, industry and individuals throughout the country of Belize.



FABRIGAS has grown from a company founded to supply industrial and medical gases to Belizeans at fair prices to a company that today is the primary provider of specialty gases for a variety of industries and the unquestioned leader in the supply of medical gases to virtually every hospital and medical provider plus providing “home” service of oxygen to individuals throughout the country.


FABRIGAS is and has been a “first responder” as the country has grown and the need for new products to meet the needs of a growing nation and the new categories of business spawned by this growth.  Today, FABRIGAS is the unquestioned leader in Fire Suppression Plans and Fire Equipment. The use of Nitrogen, internationally, to fill tires instead of compressed air, for safety and economic reasons, has grown from commercial use in airplane tires, buses, commercial trucks and now, private vehicles has led FABRIGAS to introduce “Nitro-Tire” to the Belizean company and individual.  FABRIGAS is also a large supplier of commercial Welding Equipment and supplies that has enabled Belizean businesses to enjoy the benefit of using superior products and equipment.  Other categories like Abrasives and Grinding plus the professional testing of Scuba Tanks and large gas cylinders has contributed greatly to the safety of the country’s many users.

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    Fabrigas Belize Ltd. has decided to undergo the process of International Certification in ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems...

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